This project funded by European Union.
European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs


KAGIDER- Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (Project Implementer)

Founded in Istanbul in September 2002 by 37 successful women entrepreneurs, KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) is a nation-wide, non-profit civil society organization. Today, KAGIDER has 231 members, all active in various sectors such as textiles, communication, public relations, tourism, mining, chemistry and health.

Vision: Creating a world in which women produce and establish their existence freely and play an effective role in decision-making processes.

Mission: Developing entrepreneurship among women to strengthen their status economically and socially.


Ozyegin University Center for Enterpreneurship - CfE (Project Partner)

Mission of CfE:

  • Equip students, academic staff, and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and create successful businesses
  • Build an entrepreneurial culture within the centre to explore entrepreneurial ideas and to develop practical entrepreneurial skills
  • Advise and mentor entrepreneurs, especially during early stages of the development of their new ventures
  • Act as a teaching and training centre to deliver educational programs that inspire and build skills
  • Conduct research in all the major areas of learning relevant to successful knowledge-based entrepreneurship
  • Provide the highest quality training in entrepreneurship for academia and the business world
  • Stimulate economic growth by accelerating new company formation, enhancing technology commercialization, and improving the strategic and financial performance of high-potential entrepreneurial ventures
  • Build strategic alliances and partnerships with reputable external institutions
  • Be recognized as the premier provider of professional services in entrepreneurship by bringing together the academic, business, and regulatory communities


Vision of CfE:

  • Everything we will do will be based on an understanding of entrepreneurship, business models, and technology and its application to solving business problems.
  • We will create an environment that stimulates creative use of innovative ideas.
  • We will focus on emerging trends and developments in technology, business solutions, and management concepts.
  • Our business practices will yield a reputation for good quality and result in "best-in-class" competitive performance.
  • We will build an organization that will be able to attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional individuals and partners in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • We will choose to be judged by our clients' successes.
  • We will help improve life by creating and sustaining economic growth by fostering entrepreneurship.


ANGIKAD-  Business Women Enterprenurs And Enchancement Association ( Project Partner)

ANGIKAD is a non-governmental organization that has been established in 2007 with the aim to have women take more place and to provide them with all kind of guidance and pioneering in the areas of business and entrepreneurship in Turkey’s journey  towards a strong future.  Entrepreneurial  business women, who are a member of Angikad, are engaged in various business activities such as agriculture, economy, tourism, advertising, industry and foreign trade, services, press-publication-design, health services, insurance, counseling, telecommunication, technology, energy, construction, law, and landscaping  architecture. Moreover, since its very establishment, Anglikad has been carrying out national and international activities and projects in connection with many local, national and international institutions and bodies. Anglikad has over 85 members.


Our Mission

As an Enterpreneur Business Women Association; to be a a non-governmental organization that guides and pioneers as the entrepreneur business women of the capital city to provide better participation of the Turkish women and strengthening the enterprises of our Business Women in the voyage of our country to a powerful future.


Our Vision

To be pioneers in the development of business of Turkish Woman having the ideal of creating a contemporary and powerful Turkey.

A project implemented by KAGİDER
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